Commitment to Quality Statement

"Do it once, Do it right"

Upon entering the Recruitment Industry, I discovered that in order to stand out among the crowd, the ‘quality over quantity’ approach was one that we had to embody immediately. Despite competing amongst many large and well-established companies, Tetris Labour Hire has made its impact by maintaining our commitment to providing reliable staffing solutions. While providing labour in a timely manner is essential, we refuse to let that compromise the quality of the candidates placed to simply “make the fill” as we know that this will ultimately lead to high and fast turnover, thus creating double the workload.

Ensuring quality is monitored through many avenues across all branches at Tetris Labour Hire including; a thorough screening and in-person interview process, completion of a health and safety questionnaire as part of an in-depth registration process, setting all forklift operators to undertake a forklift operation assessment, conducting two work-related references per candidate, undergoing fitness assessments for all labouring based roles, and when possible, accompanying candidates on an onsite walkthrough prior to commencing.

In addition to the above measures that are taken to assure we are providing top-notch candidates, we’ve discovered that maintaining these standards after placement is essential in retaining these candidates over the duration of their employment. To uphold this key principal of quality, we uphold a regular onsite presence across all sites to carry out frequent toolbox talks on all health and safety matters every 4-8 weeks, conduct random Drug & Alcohol tests, assess all sites for any hazards and risks that have not been controlled to limit the occurrence of incidents onsite, and maintaining constant communication with our workers to ensure that there are no reasons we are unaware of that may interrupt daily workplace operations.

As a business owner, I understand that a workplace will only operate smoothly if all workers are working toward a common goal and that share similar values. We believe strongly in our Quality over Quantity approach and it has not failed us yet! As I say, Do it once, Do it right.

Angelo Tseros
Tetris Labour Hire
December 2022

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